Jail Orientation for H&I

January 25, 2018
1:00 pmto2:00 pm

There will be an orientation for clearance to bring H&I meetings into the Lake County jail on Thursday, February 25th, at 1:00 pm.  Why during a weekday? Because their budget can’t afford the overtime to do it on a weekend. So here’s your chance to take meetings into the jail.  You must have a year clean, have no paper trail (arrests,  parole, probation – summary probation doesn’t count), attend the jail’s orientation meeting and fill out a short application.  After that you have your fingerprints taken (they charge $32 for that), they do a background check and (assuming you’re cleared) you get a photo ID and call Gary S to get you scheduled in.  FIRST COMES THE ORIENTATION and they are only given a few times each year at the ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE.  Then attend an H&I subcommittee meeting to get familiar with what to do when you are cleared.

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